This site is kind of a chronicle of my inability to focus on any one topic for an extended period of time. It could be attention deficit disorder. Or boredom. Or fear of complacency. Or a thirst for learning new stuff. If nothing else, maybe I can help enlighten people with some sort of tidbit of knowledge they may be seeking—no matter how useless or trivial it may be. And if not, well, this may be a great place for spam bots to leave me endless comments professing a need for me to firm up with some Viagra.

Oh, and here are some vitals:

Born in: Portland, OR

Lived in:

  • Portland, OR
  • Bellingham, WA
  • Maple Valley, WA
  • Gresham, OR
  • Camas, WA
  • Washougal, WA

Graduated from Bellingham High School in 1989 (you can do the math there) and got my graphic design degree (and almost a journalism one, too) from Mt. Hood Community College in 1998.

I have two awesome kids of whom I couldn’t be more proud, ages 12 and 9.

I was an avid skateboarder much of my life. These days, I’m pretty out of shape and the idea of taking a fall on a skateboard makes me think of being in traction for months. I am, however, planning to get back into it again. I love spending time in the outdoors, hiking, biking, kayaking and stuff like that.

I’m one of those people who keeps threatening to write a book someday, but never seems to get around to it. I’ve taken to keep my mouth shut in that regard until I can actually make it happen. Otherwise, it’s just kind of sad. Really.