Whoa, it’s been a long time. Hello.


So it’s been about six years since I’ve posted anything here. Life has been pretty crazy in that time, so here’s a quick summary.

I got remarried, somewhere along the way.

We moved to Battle Ground, WA, which is a nice little town about a half hour north of Portland. It can be a little behind the times in some ways, but it’s a nice area.

My awesome kids, who I used to blog about a lot, are now 18 and 15. Time. Fucking. Flies. They are great kids and I miss them when they are not around. Dylan is going to college to become an ASL interpreter, and is a mega super Star Wars and Apple fanboy. Stella is a super creative maker-type who is always working on new projects and creative pursuits.

I have five rad step kids—for reals! They are all good kids with their own distinct personalities and talents.

I have been playing in a noise rock band called Frequency Killer for the last couple of years. We are on pandemic-imposed hiatus right now, but are trying to remotely work on demos for our first album

I’ve changed jobs a few times. Currently, I work for Blue Moon Camera and Machine in Portland, which is an analog camera shop. I develop and maintain their in-house point-of-sale system, website, and other IT resources.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with DIY electronics and other projects around the house lately, and that’s the primary reason for resurrecting this blog—to document and share information as I learn and build more things.

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