Loop Switch Pedal Build, Phase 2

So I actually finished this project, for which I documented Phase 1 a few months ago. Good news is that I was able to finish the project in one evening (preparing and affixing the waterslide decal) and an afternoon of soldering. It turned out pretty great. Yeah, the decal dried sort of wonky, but it was my first try. I’ll take it. The pedal has performed just as I hoped, too. The only issue I’ve had was the right LED flickering randomly. Upon opening the pedal up and inspecting, I realized the nut on the bottom that was holding the LED in place had come loose and was shorting it out. Easy fix, right? Not so much. At least not when one breaks the LED-to-resistor connection while trying to tighten the nut. Le sigh. So I res0ldered it, successfully tightened both of the nuts and I’m back in business. Below is a photo album of the process. I’ll be honest here: I’m too tired to put captions on all of these, so you’ll have to improvise some for yourself. Also: I’m sorry about the blurry nature of the photos. Yay for electronics! Boo for hasty cell phone photos!

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