Tools. I need some.

So I’m looking at my tools and realizing I don’t have much in the way of bike tools. Looking online, there are a lot of options, from smaller “essentials” type kits, to full on retirement-fund-cashing-out master mechanic kits. What I need to know is, well, what do I need? In the short term, I need to disassemble this Bianchi. Over the long term, I’ll be doing maintenance and repairs on my own bikes (and the rest of the family bikes).

So, does anyone have recommendations for repair stands and essential tools that also won’t put me into debt?


  1. brevig
    Aug 17, 2009

    Do not use make shift tools for your bike build; you’ll only mess things up.

    15cm wrench
    metric align wrench kit
    socket wrench kit
    crank puller
    grease remover
    chain whip
    lockring remover
    cable cutters
    replacement screws/nuts/etc

    I can get great prices on parktools and pedros tools

  2. Bret
    Aug 17, 2009

    Thanks man, I will be in touch!

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